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The Concept

The gourmet Japanese restaurant in Paris by Akira Back

For his debut in Europe, chef Akira Back presents his eponymous restaurant in the heart of the Parisian Golden Triangle. A world-renowned cuisine, which promotes the melting pot of cultures, predominantly Japanese, tinged with Korean notes.

It is in the heart of the iconic Prince de Galles Hotel that the Michelin-starred Chef has chosen to establish his very first European address. A poetic Paris-Tokyo alliance that is reminiscent of the Japanism movement of the 1920s, which inspired Europe, Paris, and therefore the Prince of Wales, whose construction dates from the same period. A time when Japanese art and design then diffused a new aesthetic and a new poetry, rebounding today in the guise of a cosmopolitan cuisine.
Akira Back cuisine gastronomique japonaise à Paris

Chef Akira Back presents an exceptional namesake Japanese restaurant

Pairing modern Japanese food with a melting pot of culinary culture, diners can enjoy Chef Akira Back’s outstanding collection of signature dishes.

‘Best Japanese restaurant in Paris’

Fans of the acclaimed chef are already calling this the ‘best Japanese restaurant in Paris'.

Akira Back restaurant sushis Paris 8

The impeccable inside

Conceived by London’s renowned design agency Blacksheep, the restaurant’s décor celebrates the new and the old in perfect harmony. Inspired by the “Japonisme” trend which saw 1920s Japanese art adopted by Europeans, this place is the perfect addition to the impressive Art Déco Architecture of this landmark property.

Experience the art of Sushi craftsmanship mixed with live DJ Sets

Experience the expert craft of a master chef at our sushi counter as the DJ spins and an energetic atmosphere marks the beginning of an unmatched culinary journey.